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by Cuplisss on 2018-09-30

Reminder for old players try to download new lite client and extract in the latest Kro

The old client can no longer be used, if you find a bug or error report it immediately,use the last Kro 2018


Server info

by Cuplisss on 2018-09-16

• Max Lv 175/60.
• Job 3rd Trans [ Rune Knight, Sura, Etc ] .
• Max Stats : 150.
• Max Aspd : 193.
• Rates : Exp 1000x/ Job 1500x/ Drop Custom.
• Maintown : PRONTERA.
• Play To Win Server.
• Drop Normal Card 20%,MVP 0.5%~1%<<[.
• Cash point can be obtained every 30 minutes playing max 8 hours per day .
• Quest for all Costumes equip 
• Helpful And Transparent GMs.
• There will be an update as the player grows.
• Option system on equip use NPC.


Quest Headgear NPC

by Cuplisss on 2018-09-16

FIRST, try walking around the center of Prontera

Poring Coin Quest

You can get it by hunting golden poring around the prontera field or Use Boris NPC 

quest npc

Bloody Coin Quest

Can only be obtained every time you log in once a day or use Boris NPC , type @dailyreward every time you log in every day


rate US

by Cuplis on 2018-08-27



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